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I'm a writer, shooter/producer, and former human rights investigator. I do short- and long-form reporting, point a camera at interesting people, and work on documentaries. From time to time I also do research and evaluation work for anti-corruption and human rights organizations. I'm a former staffer at Human Rights Watch who moved to Liberia - a tiny, very beautiful, magnetic country - in 2012 to work for a local watchdog group that investigates natural resource deals. After two years working with a team of brilliant Liberian activists - who were profiled in a feature documentary film titled 'Silas' - I moved into journalism in 2014.

My writing has since been published by The Atlantic, The Guardian, VICE, The Washington Post, Al-Jazeera, NPR, Guernica, Foreign Policy, and whoever else I've managed to successfully pitch. I've worked on award-winning news documentaries and independent films. My work covers the human experience of politics and culture, hopefully illuminating some of the the resilience it takes for people to thrive in a world full of sharp edges. Sometimes I worry my family by doing investigative reporting on mysterious murders or corrupt logging deals; other times I hang out and film Nigerian dance musicians or Liberian rappers. I believe human beings are sacred and beautiful and I try to remember that when I write about them. I have a dual masters in human rights and media studies from Columbia and LSE that I will be paying off for the next nine hundred years. Once I had Ebola. You probably read about it. It sucked.

Check my work out on this site, and find me in the corners of the internet listed below.