Ashoka Mukpo is a writer and videojournalist currently employed as a staff reporter at the American Civil Liberties Union in New York City. His primary beats are immigration, civil rights, and the environment. For nearly five years he was based in West Africa, where he filed stories for NPR, Vice, Al-Jazeera, and The Guardian, among others. He also has production and cinematography credits on films aired by Netflix and Vice, as well as reports by network news stations.

Ashoka has written stories about the impact of family separation policies in the US, investigations of death penalty cold cases, Liberian ice cream shops battling in court over obscure trade agreements, privatization schemes for impoverished families in West Africa, and corrupt logging deals implicating high-ranking government officials, just to name a few. His work includes long-form character driven feature stories as well as shorter news and analysis pieces. His writing often examines the many ways power and exploitation shapes the lives of people across the world, and the resilience they show in confronting their circumstances and seeking better lives. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Ashoka travels frequently to West Africa and Central America.

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